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Dear Community, Friends and Family:

A heartfelt thank you to my Neighbors and Volunteers who have supported me in my role as Oakland City Council Member for District 5. I am proud of what we have accomplished together, but there is more to do! I am running for re-election to continue building on the progress made and to address real issues facing our city and our neighborhoods.

I believe in safe neighborhoods, jobs, housing and good schools, and justice and fairness for all of Oakland’s residents. My family, my community and the children of Oakland are very important to me.

I will fight for more affordable housing options, responsive community- oriented public safety, and prioritize stronger sustainable solutions for homelessness and illegal dumping. I am committed to continuing my work to build an equitable safe, clean and healthy Oakland for all.

Thank you.

Noel Gallo

"Noel has been a fighter for our neighborhoods and our community. Let's re-elect him to city council for four more years!"

— Alicia Contreras, Executive Director, Spanish Speaking Citizen’s Foundation

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Above: Noel with the Chicano


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Querida comunidad, amigos y familia:

Un sincero agradecimiento a mis

vecinos y voluntarios que me apoyaron en mi papel como Concejal del Distrito 5. Estoy orgulloso de lo que hemos logrado juntos y hay más por hacer. Me postulo para la reelección para seguir construyendo lo que hemos logrado

y afrontar los problemas reales que enfrentan nuestra ciudad y nuestros vecindarios.

Creo en vecindarios seguros, trabajos, viviendas y buenas escuelas, justicia y equidad para todos los residentes de Oakland. Mi familia, mi comunidad y los niños de Oakland son muy importantes para mí.

Lucharé por opciones de vivienda más asequibles, seguridad pública receptiva y priorizaré soluciones sostenibles

más sólidas para las personas sin

hogar y el basurero en las calles. Estoy comprometido a continuar mi trabajo para construir un Oakland equitativo, seguro, limpio y saludable para todos. Ha sido un honor para mí servirle como Concejal de Oakland.


Noel Gallo

"Noel ha sido un luchador por nuestros vecindarios y nuestra comunidad. ¡Reeligámoslo para el concejo municipal por cuatro años más!"

— Alicia Contreras, Director Ejecutivo, Fundación Ciudadanos de Habla Hispana

Arriba: Noel con el Proyecto de Liderazgo Juvenil Latino Chicano.

Líderes del Distrito 5: Aaron Ortiz, Consejería de La Familia; Navidad; Noel; Natalie Aguilera, Centro de Salud para Nativos Americanos; Jane García,

La Clínica de la Raza; Chris Igelisas, The Unity Council.

* Titulos y afiliaciones son proveídos solamente para identificar.

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Noel Gallo is endorsed by

Alameda County Democratic Party Alameda Labor Council, AFL- CIO East Bay Democratic Club
East Bay Animal PAC
El Mundo Oakland
Building Trades Council of Alameda County
Hispanic Engineers and Contractors International Association of
Firefighters, Local 55
Sierra Club
Oakland Builders Alliance Oakland Citizens for Equity and
Prosperity (OCEP)
Oakland Latino Taskforce
Oakland Post
Teamsters Joint Council (1st Choice) SEIU Local 1021,(1st Choice)
IFPTE Local 21
YIMBY Action
John George Democratic Club
Hon. Rob Bonta, California State Assemblymember, District 18
Hon. Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember
Hon. Kevin de Leon, former CA State Senate President Pro Tem
Hon. Joe Coto, Former California State Assemblymember
Hon. Larry Reid, Oakland City Councilmember
Hon. Loren Taylor, Oakland City Councilmember
Hon. Sheng Thao, Oakland City Councilmember
Hon. Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember
Hon. Wilma Chan, Alameda County Supervisor & former State Assemblymember
Hon. Nate Miley, Alameda County Supervisor, District 4 (1st Choice)
Hon. Jumoke Hinton-Hodge, Oakland School Board Director
Hon. Elsa Ortiz, AC Transit Director Hon. Jesse Arreguin, Mayor of Berkeley Hon. James Harris, Oakland School
Board member
Hon. Pauline Russo Cutter, Mayor of
San Leandro
Hon. Corina Lopez, San Leandro City
Hon. Dianne Martinez, Vice Mayor,
Hon. Bill Patterson, EBMUD Director,
Past President Oakland NAACP Trustee Ken Berrick, Alameda County
Board of Education
Hon. Frank Materese, Former Alameda
City Council Member
Hon. William “Bill” Patterson, EBMUD
Board of Directors
Hon. Robert Raburn, BART Board
Ignacio de la Fuente, former Oakland
City Councilmember
Jean Quan, former Oakland Mayor,
Councilmember & School Board member Elihu Harris, former Oakland Mayor,
former State Assemblymember, former Chancellor, Peralta Community Colleges
Sandre Swanson, former State Assemblymember
Kerry Hamill, former Oakland School Board member
Carol Lee Tolbert, former Oakland School Board member
Chris Dobbin, former Oakland School Board member
David Kakishiba, former Oakland School Board member, East Bay Asian Youth Services, CEO
Dan Siegel, former Oakland School Board Member
Alan Yee, former Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners
Hon. H.E. Christian Peeples,
AC Transit Director
Monsignor Antonio Valdivia, Diocese of Oakland
Pastor Michael Vigil, Victory Outreach, Oakland
Pastor Anthony Navarro, Victory Outreach, East
Senior Pastors Javier and Melinda Ramos, Shiloh Church
Pastor Marco Molina, Seventh Day Adventist Church
Pastor Robert Holt, First New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church
Rev. Michael Moore, Shiloh Church Rev. Ken Chambers, Interfaith Council
of Alameda County
John Jones, III, Just Cities Mario Juarez, Alameda County
Democratic Central Committee Paul Cobb, Publisher, The Post
Newspaper & El Mundo Newspaper Joe Partida, Oakland Latino Chamber
of Commerce
Alicia Contreras, Spanish Speaking
Citizens Foundation
Sally Gallegos, United Indian Nations Martin Waukazoo, Native American
Health Center
Josefina Alvarado Mena, Safe Passages Alicia E. Perez, Safe Passages
Aubrey Layne, Principal, Edna Brewer
Middle School
Chris Iglesias, Unity Council
Abraham Ruelas, Ph.D., Patten College Carol Wahpepah,
Intertribal Friendship House Jane Garcia, La Clinica de la Raza Maria Sanchez, Fruitvale Business
Improvement District
Kathy Chao Rothberg, Lao Family
Community Development
Holly Alonso, Peralta Hacienda House Dale Hagen, Peralta Hacienda House Floyd Huen, M.D.
Mary Vail, Glenview Neighborhood
Cynthia Elliott, Jingletown Arts &
Business Community
Elizabeth “Betty” Gray, Glenview
Treva Reid, Candidate for Oakland City
Council, District 7
Robert Gray, former Chair, Glenview
Neighborhood Association
Alan Dones, SUDA Development Co. Preston Turner, former Chairperson,
Melrose High Hopes NCPC
Jorge Lerma, Candidate for Oakland
Board of Education, District 5 Thomas Wong, Chinatown
Improvement District
Leroy Gaines, Candidate for Oakland
Board of Education, District 5 Claudia Burgos, AC Transit Tom Robinson
John Beam, Laney College Football Roger Gomez
Emiliano Sanchez
Nidya Baez, Fremont High School David Silver, Director of Education,
City of Oakland
Wendy Jung, Jung Design & San
Antonio Park Steward
Marcus Voneuw, Service for Peace Hugh Morrison, Glenview
Neighborhood Association
Cindi Adams, Native American Health
Center Board of Directors Hae-Sin Kim Thomas, former CEO
Education for Change Schools Monique Rivera, Latino Taskforce Rafael Zamora, Hispanic Engineers and
Contractors (HEBCo)
Reed Supply Company State Farm Insurance Huarache Azteca
Bay Island Gymnastics Guadalajara Restaurant La Perla Restaurant Lucky Thirty-Seven Mendoza Auto
Native Soil Landscaping Cordoba Corporation Sin-Mex Auto Body Shop Dreisbach Enterprises, Inc. La Placita
Dorado Taxes & Bookkeeping La Loma Medical Group Mario Juarez Organization
Partial list. Titles and affiliations are provided for identification purposes.

Our roots...

I grew up in Oakland. I met Cesar Chavez as a young man—he inspired me to get educated and get engaged. His words still inspire me to this day.

Aliza and I have been married for almost 40 years. Our partnership has been the foundation of our success.

I ran for school board in 1994—with four young kids. It was tough, but we made a difference and our local schools have improved.

We’ve all gotten a little older—and some of us a bit more gray. But my committment to Oakland has only grown stronger. I’m running for re-election to City Council to make Oakland better for our neighbors, my family and for yours.



Together, we will make Oakland better and more equitable for all residents. Yes, we can!

My priorities are simple. I’ll fight for a safe, clean and affordable Oakland with good schools and great jobs.

Public Safety

Implement the Citizens’ Police Commission; re-imagine public safety to strengthen safety and equity to community services, addressing mental health, homelessness, human tracking and neighborhood safety; improve pedestrian/transportation safety.


Increase production of affordable and workforce units. Continue to advocate for infill development incentives and expedited permit approvals.

Effective Homeless Services

Advocate for production of housing and shelter programs and essential recovery support services.


Improve neighborhood pedestrian safety by continuing to install more stop lights, crosswalks and bike lanes. Repave neighborhood streets and large corridors to improve transit safety.

Business Development & Jobs

Retain, attract and invest in our diverse neighborhood business corridors to ensure residents have workforce opportunities and access to services and goods.

COVID-19 Recovery

Facilitate neighborhood access to testing, community and business education, digital education resources, food distribution and housing support.

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“As a neighbor and small business owner, our D5 city council member, Noel Gallo has been our champion since day 1. He is active in the community and seeks to understand our needs, and then responds with support and action. Noel has been the most responsive person in the city, helping us to navigate challenges along the way so that small businesses can continue to thrive in Glenview. During the COVID crisis, Noel actively brought creative ideas and solutions to support our Glenview neighborhood.”

Alex Yamamoto Glenview Resident and Business Owner

“My family and I were honored by Council Member Gallo as the } GNA Business of the Year in 2016. He recognizes that family- owned small businesses are part of a successful community. When we have a problem, we call his office, and he or someone from his staff comes out to help.”

“Councilmember Noel Gallo is passionate about ensuring that Oakland’s children, families, businesses and visitors can safely enjoy our parks, neighborhoods and shopping corri- dors. Noel and his volunteers can be found each Saturday and Sunday removing illegal dumping from our neighborhoods. He is an advocate for street and median landscaping and park maintenance funding.”

Hayward Blake Glenview Resident Volunteer Neighborhood Beautification Projects

“Noel Gallo is one of Oakland’s most effective and accountable leaders. He is responsive to constituents and is a champion of smart, equitable development that creates employment, affordable housing and transit investments.”

Robert Raburn BART Board Director District 4

Andy Guan, Sushi Park Restaurant, Glenview

“I wholeheartedly endorse Noel Gallo for Oakland City Council. Councilmember Gallo has been an outstanding representative and supporter of Edna Brewer Middle School students and families of Glenview, Crocker Highlands and Fruitvale neighborhoods. Mr. Gallo is a strong, tireless, trusted advocate that works hard to ensure that all of Oakland’s children have quality educational facilities and learning resources in a safe community environment.”

Mary Vail Glenview Resident

“Councilman Gallo was the very first member of the City Council to support creating an Oakland Police Commission. Since Measure LL was passed in 2016, he has worked closely with the Commission and community members to enact the Measure LL implementing ordinance, support the Commission’s budget requests and policy work and to place Measure S-1 before the voters this November.

Gallo has been a steadfast supporter of the Oakland Animal Shelter, its mission staff, volunteers and non-profit partner organizations.”

We proudly support the re-election of Noel Gallo to City Council.

Aubrey Layne, Principal Edna Brewer Middle School

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Noel has a track record to get things done

• Takes on illegal dumping, crime, need for better schools

• Delivered affordable housing, public safety accountability

• Advocates for more affordable housing, more effective homeless services, stronger business support, jobs for Oaklanders

• Champion for children and families • Stands for Social Justice

We support Noel Gallo for re-election. He is from our community and works hard for our community.

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Experience • Leadership • Work Ethic

I enthusiastically support Noel Gallo for reelection to the Oakland City Council. As your former California Assembly member, I have worked closely with him. There has been no stronger advocate for improving the educational opportunities for our children, more job creation, affordable housing for our families, neighborhood business growth and a safe environment for our community, than Councilmember Noel Gallo.

— Sandre Swanson